Monday, July 13, 2015

After over a decade of operations Wireless Records has unfortunately closed it’s (virtual) doors. Radiant City developed a long-standing collaborative relationship with Brad Murray at Wireless over the years and we thank him dearly for all of his tireless efforts and support. We wish him well!

Now this means that we have had to take over the reigns and reorganise the back-end of things. As you may know we don’t have any immediate plans for new music or shows but we would still like what we have done up until this point to be accessible. So from now on all of our music will be available via Bandcamp. And in the not-to-distant-future we will also reorganise some of our visual documentation that was originally available on the Wireless Records website. Keep an eye out for more stuff soon…

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Well it's been yet another long stint between posts here but as you've probably gathered we're still off pursuing our many other creative endeavours outside of RC. However there's been a project that RC have had the recent pleasure and privilege to be associated with - James Croke's Shift, an incredible short film written and directed my James and produced through Staple Fiction in Sydney. Check out the trailer and all the other info HEREKey Control (from No Errors) rolls over the end credits..

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Black Hundred is a studio-based project from James McGauran and Andrew McLaughlin occasionally featuring the talents of other musicians such as Andrew Day (with more to come). The new 3 tracker is out now…

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Monday, June 13, 2011

it's been a while since a post but we've in fact been damn busy of late..

while radiant city takes a break both of us have been working on some side projects. the first one to near completion is Brad's KRANKHEAD...

look out for a six-song ep coming soon...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Put yourself in the not-too-distant future where, naturally, robot humanoids rule the earth. Now invite yourself to an underground house party where a nihilistic two-piece garage band are playing. That band is Radiant City. Unlike a lot of other principally instrumental bands, Radiant City do not use a conventionally big or polished sound to get their point across; they are less refined, rawer and all the better for it. Recorded and mixed in lounge and dining rooms around suburban Melbourne you can hear the hands-on sound of the band. In Safe And Secure the lazy, drawling tone of Andrew McLaughlin's Telecaster is unmistakable; it feels as though you can hear the rust on the strings as plectrum scrapes along them, like nails on a chalk board, beginning the song.

The band really erupts in the latter half of the album; there is a sonic bombardment where they loosen the reins of every aspect of their sound, the abhorrent textural guitar, the simple, powerful drumming and the distant, and at times even melodic, electronics. Radiant City display real ingenuity as songwriters for a largely instrumental band, especially considering they are working within the confines of a duo. The sounds vary but work cohesively.

Amongst the raw guitar, the sheer volume of the band and the alienating soundscape of feedback and electronics, there is a real warmth. More than the warmth afforded by a home recording, it shows the strength of the songs; they take you to the edge before reeling you back in with undeniably powerful and understated riffs.

Dave Drayton @ The Drum

Thursday, November 18, 2010

yah yahs / 23.10.10

pic by muzz

Sunday, November 07, 2010

p.k.14 / yah yah's / 23.10.10
bone / yah yah's / 23.10.10

If you’re new to Radiant City, then you might listen to this whole record without ever figuring out this is a guitar-and-drums duo. Just don't compare them to The White Stripes.  Tracks such as "Two Against Eight" and the closer, "Down the Satellites," contain such lush moments of mood and depth that even when you know it’s just two dudes in a home studio, you don’t necessarily believe it, or even care...

read more HERE..

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Following a slew of impressive EPs and some of the best live instrumental rock that Melbourne has to offer, power-duo Radiant City have finally unleashed their debut album, No Errors. I say ‘unleashed’ because RC are pretty heavy on the fuzzy riffs and thunderous toms, and often come flying at you with the ferocity of a wild cat, all claws and spit. And when they slow-burn, you’re still poised and alert, waiting for the fury to return…

READ MORE over at [sic] magazine...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

and some kind words about the album..

For better or worse, lots of young bands rush headlong into their first albums. Not Radiant City. The Melbourne duo has released four EPs over the years in what now seems like the epic lead-up to No Errors, a proper debut album. But it's hard to fault drummer Brad Marshall and guitarist Andrew McLaughlin, who have spent that time painstakingly refining a stirring strain of post-rock that's up there with Slint, Mogwai, and Australia's own Black Cab. A careful craftsmanship comes through in the somewhat austere instrumental June, the effects-battered drums and general turbulence of Key Control, and even in McLaughlin's distorted vocals on the seven-minute Safe And Secure. Despite standing just two strong, the duo teases much tension and depth out of guitar, drums, electronics, and the occasional vocals.

Like fellow Melbourne post-rockers Margins, though, Radiant City doesn't reach for easy build-ups and catharsis. It's more about the journey, the interplay, and the unique voices that instruments can develop when there aren't swaggering singers or pesky verse-chorus structures to get in the way. And for a band that makes the most of space, No Errors offers Radiant City a whole album's worth of it to play around with.

Doug Wallen, September 2010.

big thanks to miniature submarines and all that came out to the launch on thursday evening, here's some surveillance acquired by fransisco delia..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

we're heading in to triple r for a chat with owen mckern on delivery
today at 4pm, 102.7fm...

Sunday, August 01, 2010

yes! we are extremely pleased to announce our album 'no errors' will be finally out on friday september 3. it's been a while coming we know but sometimes things just take time..

more details soon

Sunday, May 02, 2010

we're makin' visual material..
huge thanks to steve callaghan for shooting it for us