Saturday, January 19, 2008

well it's been a while since i logged on here, even though i said i would be on here a lot more! it's been a busy few months for both of us, not only with music but other things have also kept us off the streets and well occupied. mainly work commitments which are always demanding at the end of the year unfortunately. november/december saw us record and release a limited edition cd single and just playing the one gig to launch it. now we're into '08 and time seems to be already hurtling along..

last week we played at 'carni' ( which an fantastic venue in south preston (melbourne). if you're in the neighbourhood and haven't been there go check it out and if you're in a band book a show and go play there! it's well worth the trip, not that it's that far -about 5 mins from northcote social club on high street..

next wed (jan 23) we're playing at bar open in fitzroy with some more local shows coming up (i'll post the dates asap) plus another trip to sydney in april to promote the single. speaking of cds we are also working on the new ep over the next few weeks too so keep an ear out for that one..

anyway gotta go, be back soon

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