Sunday, May 25, 2008

well there's not much to post at the moment other than to mention that our next show (on the 13th of june) may be a last for a while as we knuckle down to finish off the new ep. it's coming together nicely and hopefully it will be done in a month or so. holidays are on the way so there will be no day jobs to get in the way of some serious studio time : ) can't wait..

news albums on high rotation at the moment:

the breeders mountain battles
portishead third
mogwai - live in denver 2006 (it's from the desk but damn is it good!)
nine inch nails the slip
the police everyone stares (dvd) - it's all shot on super 8, it's a beautiful thing..

and we saw helmet (well paige at least) a couple of weeks ago, oh the memories..

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