Thursday, March 26, 2009

Patrick Emery from Beat Magazine has also had a listen to the new one...

The recent spate of outrageously hot weather demonstrated yet again that society remains perversely fascinated with the changing vagaries of the weather. In fact, observing the weather must be the oldest past time - that is, in the moments between procreative amusement.

Radiant City are not - by public report at least - weather watchers or otherwise fascinated by the clouds, sun and wind. Yet within the band's music exists and intensity that's ordinarily associated with climatic events. Like the Dirty Three and Silver Ray (such comparisons are indefensibly obvious, but necessary nonetheless) Radiant City's instrumental sound broods, breathes and explodes with brilliant regularity.

Terminal Drift is Radiant City's latest release, a four song EP that packs an infinitely greater punch than its quantitative brevity would superficially suggest. The opening track, Urban Drill, barrels into action with a tumultuous drum beat that could simulate either a roll of thunder, or (as the title suggests) the brutally loud soundtrack to urban living, careful guitar licks fighting battle against feedback in a quest for aural supremacy. He Fell After His First Flight is a darker journey, a few choice melodies loitering in the background looking for a beat to embrace and a moment to seize. Auto Centro suggests a Krautrock dystopia, or maybe an obscure interpretation of the dysfunctional financial state of the contemporary global car industry as it strives for survival in an environmentally conscious world.

Finally there's Man Versus Mathematician, an intriguing debate to contemplate - the quest to reduce nature to a set of neat equations and binary concepts shows no signs of abating - and the methodical sounds and rhythms of the song itself suggest that it's less a fight, and more a constructive dialect that can benefit all parties.

Terminal the album certainly is not; if it drifts, it's doing so with attitude and precision. And it's infinitely more exciting than weather watching.

Monday, March 02, 2009

thanks again to everyone who came out for the show, and a huge thank you to slight of build & margins for taking the trip with us. twas a cracker of an evening.. now it's onto the album, we start recording in a couple of weeks :)

here's some pics.. (by dazza, our man at the front)