Monday, November 16, 2009

well it's been a while since a post so here goes..

it's been a hectic couple of months with overseas adventures, weddings (brad at wireless - congrats again mate!) and the usual juggling of day-jobs have all left little time for constructive activities. however amidst all the fray we've managed to get a song ready for release at the end of the month. it's from the new album (out in february/march)..

the song is called two against eight and it will be available from december 4 as a free download from our website. and to celebrate the occasion we will be playing at the birmingham hotel that same evening with little killing and nightmaster..

now we still very much like the the idea of the old fashioned compact disc so on entry to the gig folks will receive the 'real' version (because you know it's going to sound better than an mp3!)

so get down to the gig, should be a fine eve..!